Monday, 24 March 2014

Mix and more s l o w d i v e dates

Whilst busy rehearsing for the forthcoming slowdive shows (after 20 years if you didn't already know) we put together some mixes that I produced for the band. Let's start with the FACT mix as the artist Alex Solman produced this ace cartoon of us that we went bananas over:
The mix was compiled over a post rehearsal meal in Reading town centre and features some of the tunes that inspired us to make a noise and form a band:

Our debut mix was for the magazine Dazed and Confused:

Plus on 24.03.2013 Optic Echo in Portland broadcast this slowdive inspired mix: featuring Talk Talk, Grouper, Bon Iver, Seefeel, Daniel Johnson and more.

So the festival dates are coming thick and fast so it is best that I let the slowdive official website be your guide for here on in. After all, I have a new solo album to record :-)

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