Monday, 7 September 2015

New album reviews- 'Insomni'

Ash International have released my fourth solo album 'insomni' and the reviews are now coming in with many favourable results and flattering comments. Thank you for listening!

"Record Of The Week"- Aquarius Records.

"Record Of The Week"- Cambridge Radio 105FM 

"Simon Scott swallows us whole with the majestic 'Insomni', his debut for Ash International.....Still, few can do this sound quite like the Slowdive man."


"A great album! Simon Scott's 'Insomnia' spans a season of downpours as well as warmth....he embraces a broader range of moods and timbres than on his previous albums".

You can also buy the CD and download it at the Touch Shop (who publish this album) and receive two exclusive new tracks unavailable elsewhere!

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