Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Happy 2016!

*Live show: Köln on Thursday 28th January and the following day I give a 'Sound Ecology' workshop on Friday 29th! Details and tickets here:

*angels i:8 | Dorothy Chandler Pavilion, Los Angeles 5th February 2016

A 4 hour octophonic sound projection with multi-channel audio works from the roster of Touch sound artists, including Chris WatsonJana WinderenBethan ParkesHildur GudnadottirThe Eternal ChordPhilip JeckSimon ScottBNilsen & drøne
Octophonic Sound Projection: Mark Van Hoen
Executive Production: Mike Harding
11:30pm-3am - Dorothy Chandler Pavilion, Grand Ave, Los Angeles

*Spire on Fri Feb 26th in Cambridge!

Intro: Charles Matthews plays Philip Glass “Music in Fifths" (Organ)
Charles Matthews plays The Robertsbridge Codex - extracts (Piano)
Simon Scott (Stage)
Charles Matthews plays Michael Nyman “Fourths, Mostly" (Organ)
Marcus Davidson & John Beaumont "Missa Pro Defunctis Elektro" (Stage)
John Beaumont (tenor) entertains those who haven’t gone to the pub
Claire M Singer - "The Molendinar" (Organ & electronics)
Charles Matthews plays Alfred Schnittke “Two Pieces for Organ" (Organ)
Philip Jeck (Stage)
...followed by The Eternal Chord & The Spire Ensemble (all)
END Charles Matthews plays Charles Camilleri “Sonata Semplice" (Piano)

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