Monday, 21 December 2009

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Goodbye 2009 + Hello a new decade!

I talked to Headphone Commute about my favourites labels, artists and albums of the year:

I have a russian interview just published by the Earzine people:

My "88 Tapes" release on kesh was also on the top compilation albums of the year list :

Look out for my release in January on 3" cd called Nivalis from the 'secret furry hole' label (Peter Broderick, Hauschka and Library Tapes with Machinefabriek have previously been released). It is one 16 minute track I recorded and mixed during the snow storms on 18/19th December (last week in fact)! Also there are more new projects coming in 2010 including collaborations with some very special artists + new releases including a 12" called Traba in spring, three new songs written for the 2nd The sight below album (Ghostly International) and also a 7" vinyl I made with Nils Frahm in Berlin.


*If you want to see me perform live without going outdoors click here: **If you want to see me perform live in 2010 contact me at:

***It has been a stunning year for me personally and also generally for music too. It was close to becoming a poor decade but has suddenly sprung into life at the 11th hour!
I released my debut album on Miasmah and met many awesome people playing in many awesome countries and hope I can continue to have more fantastic experiences next year.

Here is another two Navigare reviews just published December '09:

I start work on my second album just as soon as I finish my cup of tea :-)

Happy New Year!

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