Saturday, 13 March 2010

Nivalis "Single Of The Week"

Simon Scott

Our single of the week (5th March 2010)

Cover art for Nivalis by Simon Scott Description: 3" Cds edn of 200 on Secret Furry Hole, Well Limited and sexy!
Format: CD single
Label: Secret Furry Hole
Price: £5.49
Cat#: SFH007

Rating: ecstatic
This record left our Ant feeling ecstatic.

"One of my highlights from 2009 was clocking off at the towers to take my commute home and have Simon Scott's (Slowdive) sublime 'Navigare' album play as I closed my eyes and unwound on my journey home. I think that 'Nivalis' is a perfect extension/ counterpart to that work. It has the same post-shoegaze ambient vibe, with occasional very light percussion flourishes and slightly glitched and grainy loop feel that recalls William Basinski. Personally I find Simon's solo material works best on headphones as it really is a very solo experience that creates a dream-like state of consciousness. This CD just effortlessly sends me into that zone where I can forget about the mundane and just drift away. The ghostly, distant vocals towards the end are truly enchanting and I'm left wanting more. I'm really looking forward to the forthcoming live performance in Leeds along with Tim Hecker and Machinefabriek. I think the line-up will compliment each other perfectly… The packaging on this very limited edition is of amazing high quality > A fold out cover that takes some deciphering but once you get your head around the folds, a lush mountain-scape image is revealed and the text print is super gorgeous. It follows the high standards set by the Peter Broderick and Hauschka CD's and is stickered to look amazing.

***HUGE apologies for not being well enough to play at the Slaapwel evening 12th March in Amsterdam and 14th at Cafe Oto in London. I am on medication to recover from bronchitis and apologise if anyone bought tickets to see me play. More dates to follow once I shift this virus:


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