Friday, 16 April 2010

Spring Summer

Firstly I want to say how disappointed I was to not be able to Fly to Milan on 16th April due to the volcanic ash plume that froze all flights in and out of the UK! Luckily I have been rescheduled to play the second part of NODE in Modena on 4th/5th June. Aplogies to anyone who went along without knowing I was cancelled!

My mini LP "Traba" is out on 18th May on vinyl only from Immune records who are Chicago based and run by Erik Keldsman who is the thrill jockey label manager. It features four tracks I recorded and finished directly after finishing work on my debut album "Navigare" so it follow a similar path of textured ambience with dark melodies and brushed drums. The artwork was created by Erik K. Skodvin from Miasmah and it was mastered by Andreas Tilliander too.

Portuguese artist Papercutz: releases "Lylac Ambient Reworks" a remix album that I have added a track to and it also features Taylor Deupree, Jasper TX and more. It is coming out on audiobulb in may:

18th @ Cafe Oto in London with Tim Hecker + Machinefabriek
19th @ Hole In the Wall in Hebeden Bridge with Machinefabriek + clem leek
20th @ Sacred Trinity Church Salford in Manchester with Tim Hecker + Machinefabriek
21st @ Left Bank in Leeds with Tim Hecker + Machinefabriek + Fieldhead
22nd @ Union chapel in London with Nils frahm + Isnaj Dui (noon show- free entry)
25th @ South Street in Reading with Greg Haines

4/5 @ NODE Festival in Modena

23 @ Interferenze Festival in Naples:
25 @ Half Die festival in Rome

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