Saturday, 16 June 2012

Below Sea Level (reviews, Interviews and shop links)

My new album "Below Sea Level" is OUT NOW on 12k. More information:

The album is available to buy on CD in my web shop:

For the "Deluxe Edition" featuring 80 page hardback book, exclusive live set, CD, download and an original _sealevel~ hand drawn illustration please go to the 12k site shop:

  • 12K1071-FLUID RADIO

    "...He has finally reached back to this sort of seminal moment where he was at one with the world, simply inhabiting the moment..... Magnificent"

    "Scott builds particularly striking soundscapes here."

    "Ein filigranes Zusammenspiel von Natur und Technik trifft hier zusammen."

    "A stand-out album of glowingly warm, densely textured excursions into landscape & memory."
  • 12K1071-CHAIN DLK

    "A sort of osmosis between acousmatic pastorale and lively natural elements."


    "He has granted access to what for many will be a new locale and provided enlightenment about its dramatic history."
    • 12K1071-EXPERIMEDIA

      "The album's seven tracks form a seamless and coherent narrative of carefully sculpted motifs."
    • 12K1071-BRAINWASHED

      "The sound of 1990s shoegaze dissembled into its most rudimentary components."
    • 12K1071-GO MAG

      "El talento se le intuía, en fin, pero todavía faltaba por llegar su gran disco, esa obra que confirmara definitivamente su posición entre los grandes del ambient. Y ese disco es Below sea level."

      "Wonder! Scott’s devotion to this project results in a fantastic journey through the Fenlands of England."

      "Delicate tracks featuring fine interactions between instrument (mostly electric guitar) and digital treatments."

      I have also recently had two nice features when I was interviewed about the new album. listening and certain other music related interests of mine:

      - M3 (2012)


      "After English shoegaze heroes Slowdive broke up in 1995, drummer & sound designer Simon Scott decided to embark on his own experimental sonic journey, in addition to setting up his label, KESH Records. M3 met up with Simon to discuss his musical projects, diminishing attention spans and why active listening should be taught in schools…"  
      + (a very nice feature where I take a music writer out to the Fens to demonstrate how Below Sea Level was created):

      THE LIMINAL (2012)

      "Simon Scott and the sounds below sea level."
      Many thanks to everyone who has supported this album of mine, listened to my music and those who have attended, promoted or are planning to come to my live performances. I am humbled and honored to hold your listening attention! Thank you.


      *For sounds, photos and more information go to the 12k website:

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