Friday, 9 July 2010

Traba Reviews "Scott has his own sense of tenderness that makes these recordings so heartfelt and timelessly unique"

"Traba" mini LP reviews***

5 out of 5* (08.07.10)

"This baby has been a long time coming... Pre-sold to us back in May if I recall, but it has very much been worth the wait. Basically this is a 4 track mini-album on virgin vinyl in lovely sleeve by Erik Skodvin. Apparently the tracks missed the deadline for completion of the brilliant 'Navigare' album and were completed at a later date. It's apparent as they do explore the same themes and feelings. It's super heady stuff and it doesn't take long to be absorbed. I imagine being stranded in a snow drift and at other times floating above decaying ruins of an ancient coliseum and lost cities. Even being stuck in a slowly sinking submarine. Sonically the sound pallete is also similar to 'Navigare' with layers of drone, hazey synths and treated strings. I played this at home last night and totally submerged myself and really didn't want to return to the surface. Highly recommended". "Recommended release":

""Following the blurry shoegaze ambience of his revelatory 'Navigare' LP for Miasmah, former Slowdive drummer Simon Scott applies his melancholy treatments to four tracks of widescreen, textured ambience for Chicago's Immune label. 'Traba' is distinguished from his debut by a swirling aquatic theme embedded in the titles and the nautical nature of the recordings. The mass of 'She Came From The Sea' is flooded with slow moving currents of darkness while at the surface we can hear lighter, more translucent tones, like hearing a calm night sky from 20 feet under. 'The Water Loop' is more subdued, shored in a wider cave space where microscopic drips reverberate across the stereo field creating a lucid tension between enormous and filigree sound shapes. The textured drones of 'Lamina' follows with a raga-like meditative quality which subtly magnetises stray wispy tones from the ether to its shimmering surfaces before irradiating itself in the final throes. We conclude with 'An Avalanche', encased in coldly muted, muffled and distant waves of symphonic movement which lap over the surface in subtly incremental drifts. We're reminded of everyone from Gas to Fennesz and many in between, yet Scott has his own sense of tenderness that makes these recordings so heartfelt and timelessly unique. Limited copies only".


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