Saturday, 18 September 2010

New album, KESH gigs, Interview and live dates

Autumn is here and along with it come the completion of my new album for Miasmah due next spring. I won't spoil the surprise about the sound of the new record but I will say that I've been busy recording drums, percussion, double bass and vocals so expect a little more than just nautical drones.

I was kindly asked to answer some questions about my solo work, Slowdive, working with Brian Eno and new projects:

Sadly Aidan Baker was denied entry into the UK so our tour together was cancelled. I will be performing live in Colchester at the arts center as support to the excellent Erik Cheavelle who is signed to Constellation. Apologies to those of you who bought tickets for the rest of the tour but I will try to organise some new dates here in the UK. In the meantime I will be out and about playing around the EU so check my myspace page for dates:

KESH recordings will be putting on some very special live performances this fall too including my label boss Erik Knive Skodvin performing his debut solo album for the very first time at a 'Sonic Pieces' label night here in Cambridge! I will be playing songs from my forthcoming 7" and Ryan Teague, who also has a Sonic Pieces release due, will perform songs from his third album! Buy Tickets here:

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