Friday, 5 November 2010

Silenne CD Out Now!


Simon Scott

"Good evening/morning/afternoon ladies & gentlemen,

I'm once again happy to announce a new release on Slaapwel. This time by Simon Scott with a piece called "Silenne". Simon has an excellent LP out on miasmah, a few tracks lying around on various releases and has a very interesting past indeed. Remember slowdive anyone? But, to get to the point..:

What could be possibly better to describe a slaapwel release than the artist himself? Especially if he is as friendly & modest as Simon Scott: "I fall asleep in the sunshine quite a lot listening to music and this was my initial inspiration for composing 'Silenne'. When I played the guitar loop to Dag Rosenqvist, aka Jasper TX, who was staying at my house in Cambridge he suggested I send it into Slaapwel. I was flattered and pleased he'd heard the narcoleptic qualities within this music which I further developed by adding complimentary sine waves from SuperCollider alongside MaxMSP processed vocals that ebb and flow together in the final mix that Taylor Deupree mastered. It generally takes me 33 minutes to drop off so I cut the loop at this mark hence the length of the track"

Have a lie down in the sun - or moon, these are wintery times - play this record and enjoy some bittersweet dreams, because there is absolute nothing for me to add except that this release is simply of a breathtaking beauty that is not to be missed indeed! There are 500 copies available, they should last (hopefully) a while, but I kindly recommend you to click your way to our online store.

*Due out December 2010...Simon Scott 'Depart/Repeat' 7" vinyl on Sonic Pieces. Recorded and mastered by Nils Frahm.

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