Thursday, 2 December 2010

'Depart Repeat' 7" voted no.1 in poll....

2010 has been a busy year working on my second album so in the meantime I had the 'Traba' EP and the limited 'Silenne' cd released (both available still). I also did a sweet little 3" called 'Nivalis' that is now sold out but the snow we had in the UK here last winter has returned so memories of recording whilst the snow built up outside are very real again.

So the time for end of year polls has descended and I am very flattered to be voted no.1 for the 'Depart Repeat' 7" in the 2010 polls for best single/12"/EP catagory.
The label Sonic Pieces have held the release back now to Feb 2nd as the artwork took a lot longer to finish than expected. Never will be out soon and I am very pleased to have made it to number one in the polls that features some incredible artists.

Here is a link to the web page:

Here is a link to the review of 'Depart Repeat' (sonic pieces) + 'Silenne' (slaapwel):

Have a Merry Christmas, stay warm and in the meantime here is a sound postcard I made for the lovely folk over at Headphone Commute: .

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