Sunday, 18 December 2011

End Of 2011

My sophomore album “Bunny” was released in October so this is one of the most notable things to mention about 2011. I completed it by spring so it feels like an album of 2010 for me to be honest as I took 18 months to complete this record. The details of sound sources were never written into the press release/label information sheet so it feels pertinent and relevant to list them:

Vinyl and CD samples
Hardware hacked FM Buddha Machine
Sony Walkman cassette player
Field recordings (recorded on an Edirol R-09 and iPhone 3G) from Cambridge and including rabbits, family and one sound walk file from July 2010 that was led by Sawako Kato.
A MaxMSP looper patch that I’ve been developing since 2009. It basically allows you to record multiple loops for manipulation when playing back files. The patch supports various effects such as reverb, delay and pitch shifting alongside the ability to use pre-existing audio that you can granulate.
Acoustic, semi-acoustic and electric guitars (Fender Jaguar and Jagstang, Yamaha acoustic and Epiphone Riviera).
Various percussion such as thumb piano, wooden blocks, handmade instruments and contact micked drum shells.
SuperCollider programming (simple SinOsc layers)
Drum kit (Pearl MLX)
Marshall and Vox amplifiers
Steinway grand piano
Vocals (DPA, Neumann and Sure microphones).

My Best Of 2011:
Fourcolor- As Pleat, Narrow by Steinbruchel, In A Place Of Such Graceful Shapes by Taylor Deupree And Marcus Fischer, Proximities by Steve Roden, (I love Steve Roden and also Donald Judd so this release is a win-win combination), Intrusion- The Seduction of Silence (Echospace), Stephan Mathieu- A Static Place, Minamo- Document, Tasogare- Various 12k, Nils Frahm- Felt, Jim O'Rourke- Old News 5, Machinefabriek- Sol Sketches, Ryan Teague- Causeway, Illuha- Shizuku, James Blackshaw- Holly EP, Clams Casino- Rainforest EP, Andy Stott- Pass Me By and Byetone- Symeta.

2012 looks exciting..... an update soon!

Please get in touch for live booking offers for EU, US and Japan (autumn 2012):

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